A full day of DIY deliciousness

I think it is pretty well established by now that I love food amigurumi, after all I love to play with my food! So today I’ve curated a full day of adorable free recipes designed by other talented amigurumi artists for a mouthwatering crafternoon.

I haven’t tried these patterns myself yet – I’ll check back in when I do, but would love to hear about your experiences in the comments if you try them first!


What better way to kick off your day than pancakes?  Anneris from Amigurumi Food has created these adorable and friendly pancakes – complemented with strawberries, butter and maple syrup for a well balanced meal.


Pancakes by Amigurumi Food



But wait – the sweet portion of the day isn’t over yet! (Well, to be honest it’s never over for me…)

Serve up a plate of bikkies with your morning cuppa, as designed by Emma Lyons at Mollie Makes.


Bikkies 4x6
Biscuits by Mollies Makes



Of all the Japanese snacks, I love onigiri for their ability to chow down with one hand on the go.

Over at Picot Pals are some of the most adorable kitty and bunny onigiri I have ever seen, and as a bunny lover this is definitely a pattern I’d like to try out myself in the future.


onigiri 4x6
Onigiri by Picot Pals



For afternoon tea – head over to One Dog Woof for some bubbly and vivacious bubble tea.  The fabulous ChiWei has even provided a video tutorial, in case you are new to crochet!


bubbletea 4x6
Bubble Tea by One Dog Woof



Emjay Bailey over at Nerdigurumi has created this cheeky cheeseburger, perfect to finish off your day.  What I love most about this pattern is that it is worked as one piece – no need to sew the individual pieces together at the end which is my biggest painpoint when making amigurumi.

Burger by Nerdigurumi

And we’re done!

Time to go to sleep after a long day of stuffing yourself (and stuffing amigurumi).


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