SG National Week: DIY a Waffle Ice-cream Sandwich

This week marks Singapore’s 52nd birthday, so I figure what better way to celebrate  than by re-creating beloved local treats in crochet form?!  Now it’s worth noting that due to my love of sugar these will be very biased towards my favourite local sweet delicacies…and also fried kuay teow just doesnt look quite as cute when replicated with yarn!

Today we’re taking a look at a classic mid-shopping treat.  Down Orchard Road, you can spot many uncles selling their iconic ice cream sandwiches – sandwiched with either sweet-tasting pink and green marbled bread, or waffle crisps for those who prefer their desserts less psychedelic (although admittedly less traditional).  For this amigurumi, I have gone with a waffle as i just love the texture and crunch!

Let’s get started!

  • For the waffle: 4 ply cotton yarn and 2.0mm crochet hook (I typically use 8ply for amigurumi, but to emphasise the waffle texture I went with a thinner yarn and smaller hook.  It would also work with 8ply/2.5mm if you want to keep it consistent, but would just give a slightly different effect)
  • For the ice cream: 8ply cotton yarn, and 2.5mm crochet hook
  • Fibrefill or other stuffing
  • Safety eyes, black cotton yarn and pink cotton yarn for the face (if you don’t have/don’t want to use safety eyes you could also embroider on some eyes with the black yarn)
  • Scissors and yarn needle

Chain – CH

Single crochet – SC (double crochet in UK/AU terms)

Double crochet – dC (treble crochet in UK/AU terms)


Row 1: Chain 31 stitches.  Double crochet into the third chain from the hook, and then all along the chain.  This is your first row and will have (29) stitches.

The waffle stitch for this pattern is made up of a 2 row repeat, where you alternate between front post and back post double crochet, to create a raised pattern.  Bella Coco has a great video tutorial here that I highly recommend, if you haven’t done FPDC or BPDC before.

Row 2: Dc, *fpdc, dc, dc*, repeat from * 8 more times, dc (29)

Row 3: Dc, *dc, bpdc,bp dc*, repeat from * 8 more times, dc (29)

Repeat rows 2 and 3, 3 more times each.  You will now have completed a total of 9 rows.

Finishing row: To neaten up the appearance of the waffle, we will now do a finishing sc stitch the whole way around the outside, doing 3 single crochets into each corner stitch.  For the shorter sides, just pick up the side of the dc stitches.  For the longer sides, if you single crochet into the front loop of each stitch only (flo), this will make it much easier to add the ice cream.

Once you’re done, repeat all steps again to make the second waffle of the sandwich.

DSC04280 (1).jpg


Now, let’s add the ice cream!

Row 1: Remember how I said to crochet into front loop only?  Now come back to these loops.  Attach your ice cream colour to one of the loops, and start to sc across all the loops.  When you get to the short sides, pick up elements of the stitches to keep going along.

You should have a total of 56 stitches when you are done – 28 across the longer sides, and 15 on the shorter.  Don’t join at the end of the row, as we’ll finish off the rest of the ice cream by crocheting in a spiral.

Here you can see a picture of what it will look like when you have finished a full row (don’t mind all the scraps of my ends poking through!  These will all be hidden inside the ice cream):

DSC04273 (1)


Row 2: Sc all the way around, decreasing 1 stitch at each corner.  I did this decrease because my ice cream yarn was thicker than the one I used for the waffle.  If you use a matching yarn, you don’t need to decrease.

Rows 3-8: Sc all around.

Add the face to the side of the ice cream, using the photos as a guide.

DSC04278 (2).jpg


Now all that is left is to join the second waffle!  Stuff the ice cream half a bit at this stage while it’s still easy to stuff.  Whipstitch the top row of the ice cream to the waffle using the spare loops from the flo stitches, and by picking up stitches on the shorter ends.  Stuff as you go so that your ice cream is nice and tubby.

And you’re done, enjoy your ice cream pal 🙂

If you do make my ice-cream sandwich, I’d love to see the end result, just tag me on Instagram @the.artful.pea

Please note this pattern is for personal use only.


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