Celebrate Singaporean Crochet with Kaya, Merlions, and more

Happy 53rd Birthday Singapore!

This year I have been lazy (also known as busy with my “day job”) and not created any new Singapore-themed crochet patterns, so instead we will be revisiting some of my older patterns, and also some great patterns from some other fantastic designers!

Go back to these past Artful Pea posts if you are feeling hungry for some iconic Singaporean treats:


big ice

big eggs

If you do make any of these patterns, I’d love to see your final work, just tag me (@the.artful.pea).

And if you already checked these out last year, why not try one of these patterns by other fabulously talented designers in Singapore…

…thisĀ adorable Merlion fromĀ Snacksies Handicraft Corner (psst also a great place to buy your amigurumi notions!)

Merlion Amigurumi Pattern

…this mouth-watering Tutu Kueh from Momster Makes

Image result for kueh crochet pattern

…this cute take on Singa the Courtesy Lion by Little Yarn Friends



Happy crocheting this National Day!



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