New Pattern: Hallie the Bunny

Today I have exciting news to share – blood, sweat and tears (or rather; yarn, fibrefill, and flippy skirts) has finally resulted in releasing the Hallie!

This pattern is very special to me, as it is one of the very first that I designed when I first learnt how to crochet. I have spent hours and days frogging each element of this bunny again and again, looking to strike a harmony between delicate and cuddly; cute and elegant. The long limbs and narrow trunk balance out an oversized head and flared skirt.

One of the things I love most about this pattern is that every bunny you make with it can be unique; changing up yarn texture, skirt design and accessories for a different personality each time. The pattern book contains instructions for two optional accessories to jazz up Hallie’s look; a flower crown and a capelet, and also two skirt finishing options.

Available now at The Artful Pea Etsy store, click through to take a look 🙂




  1. The Homestead On The Plains

    Yeah, this one did me in. You gained a new follower and now, I just need to figure out how to navigate Etsy to get this adorable pattern so I can make bunnies. I may be asking for translation of some of your abbreviations as I have concluded that they are different where you are compared to where I am. I am hopeful that this pattern is written like your blog posts are and everything is clearly explained. While I am new to crocheting, I will work at this until I manage to make a bunny. This is just adorable.


    1. theartfulpea

      I’m so glad to hear you like my patterns! Of course do let me know if you need any help with the bunny patterns – I agree it is so frustrating that all around the world we use different names for the same stitches!


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