Sprinkle Some Confetti for an Embroidered Monogram

As much as I love crochet, it is not all that I love.

Anything handmade (literally something to do with my hands) has a special place in my heart, whether it be crocheting, sewing, cooking, painting, knitting…

So far this blog has been mainly about crochet, but today this all changes with my first embroidery post!

I didn’t set out intending to try my hand at embroidery (although the surge of awesome stitching on Instagram sure does make it tempting), but one weekend while browsing the crochet section at Kinokuniya for any new reads I found my interest bleeding over into the adjacent embroidery section.  When I found the book Edgy Embroidery by Renee Rominger, owner of Moonrise Whims; I was a goner.


If there is anything I love as much as making, it is sprinkles and fairy bread, so trying out her confetti french knots was a natural first choice.  I’ve tried french knots before but always struggled to get the knot close to the fabric, so required a lot of practice to finally get it right!


Then it’s just a matter of knot and repeat…and repeat and repeat and repeat!


I also used a lavender purple felt to seal the back of the hoop, and create a loop to hang from.  For this, simply cut a circle of felt the same size as the inner rim of your hoop, and sew a thin rectangle to the upper middle.  Then carefully stitch around the outside of the felt into the edges of the fabric stretched across the hoop using a running stitch.


I quite like the final effect for a hoop to decorate the nursery of my new niece E, what’s your favourite piece of embroidery?


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