DIY a felt shooting star

This felt star is a great decoration to add to your wrapping, and is especially on theme for the Lunar Drift collection.  It doesn't have to be for wrapping only; I've also used mine as a Christmas tree decoration!  It's super quick and easy, and can be sewn together in a crafternoon. So, let's get started!



  • Felt in 2 different colours, and sewing thread that matches each colour felt.  By matching this can even mean a close colour match so that it fades into the felt, or a contrasting colour to make a statement (like the pink thread on the peach star face in this example)

  • Black and pink thread for sewing on the face (safety eyes would also be very cute)

  • Gold thread (or other metallic/shimmer)

  • Polyester fibrefill

  • Sewing needle and scissors


Print out the free provided star templates below.  Personally, I chose to print at 60% to make a smaller star, but you can make this firework in any size you would like.  Just be sure to check your print preview settings to make sure it is what you would like it to be.


Cut out the templates, and lay them on your felt.  Pin in place and begin cutting out the felt pieces.  You’ll need 1 of the smaller star for the face, and 2 for the backing (becomes the front and back).



First we’ll prepare the smaller star for the face of our shooting star.  Using the face on the template, and the photos below as a guide. You can use french knots, sewn eyes, or safety eyes, depending on what look you would like for your final piece.

Once you are happy with the face, pin the front onto one piece of the backing.  Sew into place with whipstitch.


Pin together the face-adorned backing piece and the second piece of backing.  Starting at one of the star points, begin to sew around the outside using blanket stitch.  Don’t worry too much about making your stitches perfect on this project - when you step back a bit you won’t be able to tell the difference, and besides, a little bit of wonky stitching builds character!

When you have finished blanket stitching around both sides of the ‘tail’, stuff lightly with the fibrefill.  When I say lightly - I really mean lightly! You only need a very small bit to make it look plush.

Now that the tail is stuffed, use running stitch to ‘seal off’ the remaining two sides of the star, using the dashed lines from the template as a guide for where to sew.


Sew up the remaining sides of the star’s body using blanket stitch.  Stuff (lightly!) each star’s points as you go.

Weave in any remaining ends of your sewing thread.


The very last step (and good news is it’s optional!)

You can just leave your star at this point if you’re happy with it, but you can also add movement lines to the tail to bring glimmer.  Again using the dashed lines from the template as a guide, use running stitch the sew the stripes onto the star’s tail using metallic thread.

And now we’re done! If you'd like to use it as a wrap for gifts, simply thread a decorative string through one end to the other.  In this example, I used a metallic bakers twine.

Then simply tie it around your gift using a bow:

If you'd like to hang the star as an ornament, just sew a loop of the metallic thread through the top point of the star.