Hi there!

My name is Cassie and I am the hands and heart behind The Artful Pea. I've always loved making things with my hands; sewing, knitting, painting, baking, crocheting, drawing...anything creative & colourful, really!  

Because I’m flabbergasted not everyone loves whiling away hours and hours doing things from scratch (when really, fair enough) I’m passionate about helping others find ways to bring small doses of creativity & colour into their days. And so it was from this drive that the Artful Pea was first born in 2017 as a way to help others learn how to crochet, primarily adorable amigurumi bunnies.  In fact, the name The Artful Pea itself was inspired by my mongrel lop bunny, Peanut, who to this day is a curator of my designs.

Over time, The Artful Pea has evolved alongside me into what it is today - bringing hand drawn artwork to life on gorgeous silk wrapping scarves.

What is a silk wrapping scarf anyway?!

Gifting is one of the things we do to show others how much we care, by dedicating time to finding an ideal gift or gesture, and then taking it a step further to make the unwrapping a visual and textural experience. One of the things I've always loved about our family Christmas and birthday celebrations is seeing how much effort each and every one of us puts into not only the gift but also how it is presented (and secretly, I've of course always been jealous of my sister's neat and unique wrapping and handwriting, but hey, she has years of experience on me, it's only fair)

However, the sad fact about creating a beautiful unwrapping experience is that it is often a one time deal; all that effort and all those resources promptly journey to the rubbish bin.  Or, if you are like me, they are carefully saved in the back of a cupboard for reuse and never again see the light of day until a decluttering moment overtakes you...and then they are relegated to the bin.

But, this isn’t a reason to abandon our wrapping ways!

My passion is bringing this same emotional moment into the every day with reusable gift wrapping; lustrous but long lasting silk twill, used to wrap gifts and be part of the gift itself.  Living on to wrap more gifts, and extend it’s life across all aspects of yours; whether this be carrying a bento box or a tupperware of brownies, being worn as a scarf or accessory, or even adorning your blank walls.

As we begin to slowly head in the right direction towards sustainability, seeing fabric wrapping cloths around is not uncommon; but what I see around me in the world feels more focused on functionality, and can take some of that love and care out out of the ceremony of gifting.  The difference I want to make in the world is combining that functionality with the everyday luxury of hand drawn patterns, dreamed up and printed on silk. At The Artful Pea every pattern contains a story, an emotion, a moment to be shared. Every wrap is also reversible with different colours and patterns to maximise reusability without getting stale.

How do your scarves get made?

I'm a firm believer that every day is a potential day for creative inspiration; whether it's a more purposeful inspiration source like a holiday overseas, or the ordinary joy of a day spent exploring your local aquarium.

Every inch of my workspace is covered in things I collect from my travels, galleries visited, and things I've seen & read.  Sure, it means I live in a bit of a mess - but it's the best kind of mess!

Every pattern starts with a story & an inkling of an idea, slowly brought to life with test sketches before digitising.

These sketches are then brought together and colourways designed, to plan out each collection.

I then work with a silk savant who weaves and prints my designs on 100% natural silk twill; using specialist equipment to bind the scarves and press the invisible seams for a clean double sided edge.

As part of my commitment to bring some easy sustainability to your lives, Artful Pea scarves are lovingly packed for shipping using carefully researched recyclable and compostable materials.

Read more about shipping practices here

I can only hope that you'll grow to love your scarf, as much as I have loved pouring my creativity and heart into the making of it.