What is a wrapping scarf anyway?!

Gifting is one of the things we do to show others how much we care, by dedicating time to finding an ideal gift or gesture, and then taking it a step further to make the unwrapping a visual and textural experience.

One of the things I've always loved about our family Christmas and birthday celebrations is seeing how much effort each and every one of us puts into not only the gift but also how it is presented (and secretly, I've of course always been jealous of my sister's neat and unique wrapping and handwriting, but hey, she has years of experience on me, it's only fair). But, this isn’t a reason to abandon our wrapping ways!

My passion lies in bringing this same emotional moment into the every day with versatile, reusable wrapping that goes beyond special occasions.

As we begin to slowly head in the right direction towards sustainability, seeing fabric wrapping cloths around is not uncommon; but what I see around me in the world feels more focused on functionality, and can take some of that love and care out out of the ceremony of gifting.

The difference I want to make in the world is combining that functionality with the everyday luxury of hand drawn patterns, dreamed up and brought to life. Beginning with silk twill; a lustrous yet long lasting fabric, used to wrap gifts and be part of the gift itself.  Living on to wrap more gifts, and extend it’s life across all aspects of yours; whether this be carrying a bento box or a tupperware of brownies, being worn as a scarf or accessory, or even adorning your blank walls.

Every wrap is also reversible with different colours and patterns to maximise reusability without getting stale.

From here, The Artful Pea expanded into other textiles including cotton linen tea towels, and cotton wraps, as well as embroidered fabrics and mini art prints to replace single-use gift tags and complete the gifting experience.

Creativity is a muscle to be exercised, and important to mental wellbeing; so I want to help you inject doable doses into your everyday. This led to the creation of the Spark blog to show you new wrapping styles to try out, ideas for DIY gifts and wrapping adornments, and even wraps you can easily paint yourself and put your personal stamp on it.

I can only hope that you'll grow to love your piece of textile art, as much as I have loved pouring my imagination & heart into the making of it.

Looking to hear more about just how versatile your wrap can be?

Check out our Spark blog for oodles of wrapping methods, and ways to spruce up your wraps with decorations, handmade and otherwise