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  • Bringing your own containers and cups is an easy way to eliminate disposables - but can be a pain to follow through on! I love collapsible options to make it more convenient to chuck one in your bag before leaving the house, and give you one less excuse!

    Stojo, available at Your Sustainable Store in Singapore.

  • Remove the plastic packaging waste in your beauty routine by swapping over to solid options, which often come packaged themselves in minimal waste. I've loved switching over to solid shampoos, face wash, and body wash - luxurious scents and ingredients, and seasonal options, make a great gift idea that isn't your boring 'soap on a rope'!

    I'm a huge fan of the solid face wash and shampoo from Oasis Beauty Kitchen in Singapore.

  • Let's be honest, it sucks to carry home heavy cleaning products from the supermarket - beyond the fact that they're often in plastic packaging! Solid blocks, and tablets or powders that you dilute at home with ordinary tap water, are a great way to eliminate this effort and wastage - and pair with other kitchen textiles such as tea towels and dishcloths for a great gift set.

    I love the No Tox Dishwashing Bar, available at The Sustainability Project in Singapore.

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