What can I use my wrapping scarf for?

You're only limited by your imagination; but here are a few ideas to get you started...

Wrap your gifts

Starting with the most classic purpose; scarves are a great way to lovingly present gifts, showing the recipient how much you care while also eliminating waste from the gift wrapping cycle.

Your gifts won't only be beautiful, but the scarf becomes part of the gift itself as a complete package (or, you can ask for it back when the gift is unwrapped - that is fine too!).

Fancy up meals & treats

A bento wrap is an easy way to carry your lunch to work or to an outdoor picnic; doing double duty as a placemat as you eat. You can can also use your scarf to bring gifts to a friend's house, like bikkies or a bottle of wine, to make that thank you gift feel a little bit more special.

Accessorise & Embellish

Freshen up your OOTD; Tie your scarf to your handbag to add more colour to an outfit, or tie around your neck. With the reversible colours, every day is a new possibility.

Tie your scarf around your head, or around a ponytail or bun, to keep hair out of your face (sure, the practical reasons are why we do it...)

Spruce up your home

Hang your scarf using picture hangers or in a frame as part of a gallery wall at home, or wrap household items like plant pots, fruit bowls or tissue boxes in some love.

Looking to hear more?

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