DIY a Gift: Crochet a delighted dumpling

When I think of lovable foods that deserve to be recreated in amigurumi form, cheerful pudgy dumplings are definitely top of my list.

Thinking of all of the different delicious dumplings I have eaten in my day, my heart always comes back to Xiao Long Bao - and in particular those from renowned Taiwanese restaurant chain Din Tai Fung.  While this dumpling may not replicate their minimum of 19 folds at the seal, it certainly brings a smile to my face the way that their soupy deliciousness does!

Lets get started!


  • 8ply yarn - I used Bella Baby's 'Tizz' in White (colour 208), but you can use whatever you want, just adjust the hook size accordingly.
  • 2.25mm crochet hook (equivalent to B in US sizes)
  • Fibrefill or other stuffing
  • Safety eyes and black cotton yarn for the face (if you don’t have safety eyes you could also embroider on some eyes with the black yarn)
  • Scissors and yarn needle


  • Chain
  • Double crochet (dc), and how to increase and invisible decrease
    • Increase (inc) = crochet 2 dc into 1 stitch
    • Invisible decrease (dec) = pick up the front half of the next 2 stitches then crochet them like they are 1 stitch
  • You have a few different options for the fold at the top of the dumpling - can use double crochet again, or to emphasise it use half treble or treble

Note this pattern uses Australian/UK crochet terms.  In US terms, we are referring to a single crochet stitch.


  1. Create a slip knot and chain 2, then perform 6 double crochets (dc) into the second chain from the hook (this is just my preferred method to start off, but you could also do 6 dc into a magic ring if you would prefer).  You now have (6) stitches in this row.
  2. *Increase (inc), dc*, Repeat from * six times (12)
  3. *Inc, 2 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (18)
  4. *Inc, 3 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (24)
  5. *Inc, 4 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (30)
  6. *Inc, 5 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (36)
  7. *Inc, 6 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (42)
  8. *Inc, 7 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (48)
  9. Dc all (48)
  10. Dc all (48)
  11. Dc all (48)
  12. *Decrease (dec), 7 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (42)
  13. *Dec, 6 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (36)
  14. Dc all (36)
  15. *Dec, 5 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (30)
  16. Dc all (30)
  17. *Dec, 4 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (24)
  18. Dc all (24)
  19. *Dec, 3 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (18)
  20. *Dec, 2 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (12)
  21. *Dec, 1 x dc*,  Repeat from * six times (6)
  22. Treble crochet twice into each dc from the previous round (12).  For my dumplings I choose to make the top quite prominent so I used trebles, but if you want to make it more petitie you could use half-treble or doubles.  Just experiment to see what you like the look of!

And we're done!  If you're gifting these dumplings to someone - packing them up with other food related items makes for a great gift packaging idea.  For example, you could pair with a dumpling steamer for your friend who loves to cook - or in a takeaway container for a cute package.  Play around with the facial expressions, like this husband and wife duo for a wedding gift: