DIY a Gift: Make a Bunny Trinket Tray out of Clay

When I prepare gifts, I really love to pair together different items to make it feel like the 'full package'. Hence, a hand made tray to store your jewellery gift is a really lovely touch!  And I love bunnies - so let's bring one to life!


  • 1 packet of oven bake polymer clay (I used Sculpey's Premoi Accents in Opal, which contains holographic glitter
  • Rolling pin (not one used for food, as polymer clay is not food safe).  You could use something like a wine bottle if you don't have a rolling pin set aside for crafting.
  • An oven safe rounded bottom container to bake the clay in - I used an old school pudding tin
  • A circular cutter, or a circular item to trace around, like a small plate
  • A permanent marker to draw the face on
  • Sand paper to smooth the edges


First, roll the clay out into a thin even layer, and then cut out your shapes.  The circular base needs to be slightly larger than the base of your baking tin, to create the curved edges.

Attach the ears and limbs gently to the edges of the circle, and use a cutting tool to add marks to the paws.

Gently lower your bunny into the baking tin, ensuring it's in the middle so that the edges curve up equally.

Bake according to your clay packets instructions, ideally in a separate oven to the one you use to cook food, but if not ensure the space is very well ventilate. I often bake mine for twice as along as the packet recommends to ensure it is super strong afterwards - but do keep an eye on it as polymer clay can burn.

Once it's done, let your bunny cool inside the tin, then pull out.

You can now use sandpaper to smooth off the edges for a more professional finish. This clay I have used contains chunky glitter, so it is quite difficult to get the edges smooth given the clay itself isn't smooth - but I wasn't too bothered by that!

Draw in the face using the permanent marker, and you're done!