Get artistic with scrap paper

I'm pretty sure everyone either has some scrap paper in their home today, or more will be coming along soon!  So rather than buying paper just for the purpose of wrapping and disposing of it after, let's upcycle the scrap you already have.

It's a fun way to spend a creative afternoon by yourself, or to get kids involved so they can unleash their innovative doodling skills!

Now to be honest, you don't need a tutorial on how to do this - just get experimenting.  But here are some ideas to get the creative juices flowing...

Create a simple geometric pattern with contrasting paint markers

This gift is wrapped using an old kraft paper bag, with fluorescent pink Posca marker checks.  Topped off with metallic bakers twine, and mini bells.

Draw festive Christmas baubles on packing paper

Re-use rolls of packing paper you've received in the mail by drawing your own Christmas themed pattern - in this case, baubles.


Cobble together wrapping paper from magazines and pull outs

For small gifts, this one is super easy because a single magazine page will be enough to wrap - for larger gifts, you can stick together multiple pages.

Create an 'envelope' by taping two pages together up the sides with cute washi tape (like the right hand side in this picture):

Give your gifts a personality with a face

I'll put googley eyes on anything - but I especially love them on gifts, along with a little smile! A hint - if you draw the face on with pencil, you can reuse this paper multiple times, and revamp the expression each time.


You can also wrap leaving a little pocket for your gift tag - which leaves the paper untouched so it can be used again and again.