Embellishing your wraps: Flowers, polymer clay, pom poms and more!

When it comes to adding that 'extra touch' to your wrapped items, the sky's the limit.  So here are just a few of my favourite ways to add further personalisation and make every gift look unique!



Starting with an absolute classic - ribbons!  Any ribbon will of course make your wrapping look great - I'm a real sucker for luxe finishes such as velvet and metallic tinsel ribbons, like the cornflower blue velvet on this yam wrapped book:  


They also look fab when you mix different finishes, like this example with a metallic bakers twine layered on thick black velvet:


It's not just about the appearance of the cords you choose either - you can make your wrapping look more special by using twists and macrame knots:



Whether you choose to make your own, or buy some in a store, pom poms and tassels are always some of my favourite ways to make anything cute; from shoes to handbags to keyrings.  And that same logic applies to gifts, like this tupperware of biscuits wrapped for a gift in the rose artichoke style:


And they add a cheekiness to this snap pea wrapping:



What I love about using polymer clay accessories to decorate your gifts, is that you also get the fun of making them in the first place!  You can go with some fun shapes to add colour and interest to the wrapping:

Or create something that follows the same theme as the scarf you choose, like these moon phase clay discs:

Or if you stamp them with messages, they can also act as a reusable gift tag:


And speaking of DIY...making your own flowers out of felt is another excellent way to add colour to your wrapping.  When I make mine, I put them on these thin paper covered wires, so that you can easily use the wire to hold them in place.  Like in this example - where I simply wrapped the wire around the base of the rose top of this broccoli wrap, hiding it under the silk.

They also look great tucked to the side of this twisted broad bean wrap:



Felt doesn't have to stop with flowers - I really love sewing with felt because it is so forgiving, and very easily holds it's shape when stuffed!  Like the clay shapes, you can play around with different felt decorations that match the theme of the scarf you have chosen, or just anything that you like the look of!  In this example, I've used a shooting star I had already made as a Christmas tree decoration in the past, to play off the celestial theme of this Tidal scarf:



Obviously, it is lovely to be able to use real flowers and botanical sprigs in your wrapping.  However I often end up using artificial plants, so that you don't have to worry about a) flowers wilting before your loved ones receives their gift b) getting sap/moisture/who knows what else on your silk scarf and staining it.  I don't see them as second best though - I love the exaggerated colours and shapes you often see on artificial flowers and succulents, which lend a more abstract and modern feel.