Why name using vegetables?!

Now, this would indeed be a fair question to ask.

When I was first researching existing fabric wrapping techniques (FYI Japan's Ministry of the Environment is a great resource if you are also looking), and playing around with developing some of my own - one factor I needed to address was how I was going to label each of these in order to communicate which I'm referring to.  So looking at all the different wrapping styles in front of me, what started to become clear was that each resembled a different vegetables (in my head at least).  Whether it's the long skinny husk-like silhouette of the corn cob, or the self contained blocky shape of the yam.

This way, when each is referred to by their name, you can already start to imagine what a wrapping style inspired by that vegetable may look like.

Currently the only odd one out is the curry puff - but come on, when you look at it, what else could you call it?!