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Kale | Wriggle Wrap

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Grooves of richly textured yarn wriggle their way down your wrap, bringing a wave of colour and making it a one of a kind piece of art.

Kale is a rich deep green - pick your preferred colour of wriggle highlight from rich gold to bright magenta.

Made with 100% natural cotton slub

When weaving slub cotton, the cotton strands are irregularly twisted, creating it’s signature texture. It results in a lightweight and funky finish, where no two fabric pieces will ever be quite the same as each other.

Suggested uses

These cotton wrap can be used for anything from eco-friendly reusable gift wrap, to carrying your lunch box to work or a picnic. Use them as a washable placement or cloth napkin. They also work well as part of a zero waste gift set for your sustainability minded friend.


Kale is just one of 5 base colours available, please select your preferred colour of wriggle.

Please note that colours may vary on different computer monitors, due to technical settings. Every effort has been taken to match photos to real life colours.


50 x 50 cm (19.7” x 19.7”).
Please note as every scarf is sewn by hand, there can be a small variation in size of around 0.5-1cm.

The placement of the wriggles will also change on every scarf, as each wrap is organically created.

Care guide

If your wrap ever needs to be washed, ideally spot clean or hand wash in cool water. If you’d really rather use the washing machine that’s okay - but wash on a gentle cycle, and in a wash bag to protect the yarn wiggles. Do not tumble dry, and do not bleach.

If you need to iron, use a medium temperature, and use a pressing cloth between the iron and your wrap. If your iron comes into contact with the yarn or embroidery thread, it may damage metallic finishes.

All of our orders are packaged and shipped in an environmentally responsible manner, using shock absorbent recyclable bubble wrap alternatives and certified compostable mailers.

You can read more about shipping and delivery information here.