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Cotton Linen Reusable Dishcloths in Sculpture Sketch

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Replace your disposable dishcloths and paper towels with these super cute and colourful kitchen and bathroom towels - that are also super practical!    The textured towel side soaps up excellently with a solid dishwashing block to do dishes, or other cleaning products to wipe down your kitchen and home surfaces. A sustainable gift that just keeps on giving; simply pop them in the wash with your other towels when you’re ready for a refresh.

Item details

Double sided: 100% natural fibre cotton linen, digitally printed with water based inks; and white cotton towelling side.


20cm x 20cm (Approx 7.8” x 7.8”).
As every dishcloth is sewn by hand, there can be a small variation in size of around 0.5-1cm.

Care guide

Minimise fading by washing with warm water on a gentle wash cycle and line dry rather than using a clothes dryer. Please note that the white towelling side may slowly discolour over time depending on what you are using it for - if you are using it for cleaning messy and colourful spills, then unfortunately it’s a bit inevitable! Depending on what the staining is from, I recommend trying a solid stain stick to remove the stain in the wash.

Keeping it clean

As with all dishcloths, rinse well after each use and hang to dry to avoid any nasties growing in the damp environment. While your cloth can be used for all of these purposes at different times...they should of course be washed with laundry detergent and dried thoroughly before changing uses!

All of our orders are packaged and shipped in an environmentally responsible manner, using shock absorbent recyclable bubble wrap alternatives and certified compostable mailers.

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